Best Point And Shoot Camera Under 500

Best Point And Shoot Camera Under 500 Dollars In 2021

Not many people can afford the expensive DSLRs and mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lenses. Although you can’t go wrong with midrange DSLRs but they are too bulky for amateur photographers. Therefore, you should consider a point and shoot model if you are looking for an affordable digital camera. These are also the perfect cameras if you want to upgrade from your smartphone to a digital camera. Similarly, you can choose from an impressive selection of excellent point-and-shoot cameras under 500 dollars.

Point-and shoot cameras help you get going in the photography world without spending a lot of money. However, it is a confusing task to pick the right camera for you given the huge number of cameras available on the market. Apart from the brand, you also have to take features like 4K video, sensor resolution, types of compatible lenses, and viewfinder, etc into account. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to find the highest quality point and shoot camera for you.

Best Point and Shoot Cameras under $500

The following are the best point and shoot cameras to get in 2021. Keep in mind that we have selected these cameras after extensive research and testing them against parameters like performance, built quality, durability, battery life, design, and reviews.

ImageModel NameOptical ZoomMegapixelsCheck Price
Canon PowerShot G9X Mark II
Canon PowerShot G9X Mark II



Check Price
Nikon Coolpix B500
Nikon Coolpix B500



Check Price
Panasonic Lumix FZ80
Panasonic Lumix FZ80



Check Price
Sony DSC-WX300
Sony DSC-WX300



Check Price
Nikon Coolpix L340
Nikon Coolpix L340



Check Price
Kodak 16 Friendly Zoom
Kodak 16 Friendly Zoom



Check Price
Canon PowerShot SX740
Canon PowerShot SX740



Check Price
Olympus Tough TG-6
Olympus Tough TG-6



Check Price
Canon PowerShot SX540
Canon PowerShot SX540



Check Price
Sony RX100
Sony RX100



Check Price

1.    Canon PowerShot G9X Mark II: Best Advanced Point and Shoot Camera

best point and shoot camera under 500

Canon makes some of the top point and shoot cameras in the world and Canon PowerShot G9X Mark II is the best of them all. Available at around $450, it offers incredible value for money as well as excellent features and functions. It delivers stunning image quality, smooth operation, and boasts a stylish ultra-slim design.

You can take high-resolution and truly captivating images with the camera’s 20.1 megapixel CMOS sensor. It also ensures fast operation and crystal clear images because of the DIGIC 7 image processor. It takes sharp and crisp photogs devoid of noise even in low light conditions.

You can easily keep your subject in focus as well using the advanced subject and face tracking features. Similarly, the camera keeps camera shakes and image blurs to the minimum thanks to the Dual Sensing Image Stabilization technology.

The G9X Mark II comes with a maximum aperture of f/2.0 allowing you to take DLSR like photos. It also enables you to focus solely on your subject by creating artistic background blurs. The continuous shooting speed of 8.2fps and full HD recording also make this camera fast and reliable.

The built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC connections facilitate you to send your photos to your smartphone or tablet.

Some of the main problems with the G9X Mark II are the lack of a lens cap, weak battery, and small buttons.

All in all, Canon PowerShot G9X Mark II is a versatile and very simple camera to use. It is the best point and shoot camera under 500 and offers excellent image quality and great value for money.

  • Distant shooting with camera connect app
  • Touchscreen panel
  • Excellent image stabilization
  • Good low light performance with ISO up to 12800
  • DIGIC 7 image processor
  • Large 1” 20MP CMOS sensor
  • Weak battery
  • No lens cap

2.    Nikon Coolpix B500 Digital Camera: Best Point and Shoot Zoom Camera

best point and shoot camera under 500

Nikon Coolpix B500 can be called the best point and shoot camera under 500 for many reasons. It is an affordable and lightweight camera that delivers impressive performance in all aspects. For example, it has a very high optical zoom of 40x and a dynamic zoom of 80x. On top of that, all these outstanding features are available for just around $200.

The B500 can capture incredibly detailed, crisp, sharp, and beautiful photos in all conditions thanks to the 35mm Nikon telephoto glass lens, 16MP BSI CMOS sensor, and 3-inch LCD. The LCD also helps you take a perfect shot just like professional photographers. Similarly, you can shoot High Definition 1080P videos at 30fps using this camera.

It is very easy to transfer your photos and videos to your smart devices because of the built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

The lens-shift vibration reduction system also keeps the camera steady, eliminating image blurs altogether.

The only logical complaint about the camera is that it struggles to focus while zooming.

Nikon Coolpix B500 is a very versatile device that is very simple to use as well. Furthermore, it offers excellent creative effects, intuitive menus and controls, and automatic operation. It not only delivers style but stunning photos that can easily rival photos from a midrange DSLR.

  • High-resolution LCD viewfinder
  • 80x dynamic zoom
  • 35mm telephoto lens
  • Very affordable camera
  • 1080P video at 30fps
  • 3-inch LCD
  • Compact and versatile
  • Good image performance
  • Struggles to focus while zooming

3.    Panasonic Lumix FZ80: The Best Bridge Camera in the World

best point and shoot camera under 500

Panasonic Lumix FZ80 is a highly dynamic camera that looks like a DSLR camera. It also has an excellent 60x zoom range that allows you to capture spectacular images of the distant objects. Similarly, you can capture stunning landscapes with the help of a 20mm wide-angle lens.

The 18.1 megapixel CMOS sensor also delivers superb low light performance. The camera offers noise-free performance as it features Power Image Stabilization technology that further enhances the extra bright f2.8-5.9 aperture range of Lumix DC Vario Lens.

You can also record cinema quality 4K videos at 30 frames per second. It is also an ideal camera for still photography because of cutting edge features like Focus Shaking and Post Focus. You can adjust your image’s depth of field and focal points using these functions respectively. The result will be truly stunning and unique photos.

You can adjust your settings easily as well as perfectly time your shot using the 3-inch touch screen and the electronic viewfinder. It is also a breeze to share your images with your friends and recharge the camera as it has built-in Wi-Fi and a USB port.

Keep in mind that Panasonic Lumix FZ80 is a bridge camera. It sits between the traditional point and shoots and modern DSLR cameras. It delivers excellent image and video quality besides having a fantastic zoom range. Therefore, you would always catch a perfect shot with this camera.

  • Large 18MP CMOS sensor
  • Long range 60x optical zoom
  • Impressive image stabilization
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and USB
  • 4K video at 30fps
  • Image may lack sharpness compared to other Lumix models

4.    Sony DSC-WX300 Digital Camera: Best Point and Shoot Camera under $400

best point and shoot camera under 500

Sony DSC-WX300 should be your choice if you are a beginner landscape or travel photographer. It is equipped with a legendary Sony Lens G that fully eliminates noise to capture beautiful photographs. The 20.4 megapixel CMOS sensor combines with the lens to produce excellent images, especially in low light.

The camera also allows you to take still shots while recording videos which are very nice themselves.

Another great feature of the camera is Lock-On AF to keep your subjects in focus. The camera has 20x optical zoom that you can extend 40x. The built-in Wi-Fil also makes it easier to export your images to your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Even a novice can use DCS-WX300 quite easily because of its simple interface. Similarly, you don’t need to be a professional to operate the camera or avail of its features. However, handling can become a bit tricky because the sensor is quite big compared to the body size.


  • 40x optical zoom
  • 20.4 megapixel CMOS sensor
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Quick focusing
  • Nice image and video quality
  • Easy to use
  • Small body compared to lens size
  • LCD gets scratched easily

5.    Nikon Coolpix L340: Best Cheap Point and Shoot Camera

best point and shoot camera under 500

If you are looking for an ultra-cheap digital camera with reasonable performance, you must choose Nikon Coolpix L340. Available for around $75, it offers features that may seem outdated to professionals but they are sufficient for a part-time photographer or someone looking to upgrade from a smartphone.

To begin with, you get 28x optical zoom that you can extend to 56x using the Zoom Plus mode. 56x zoom is enough to capture stunning images of distant objects. Secondly, the 20.2 CCD sensor delivers sharp and bright images as well as high-definition videos. You can record your memories for life at 720P with sound.

The sensor also provides 99% frame coverage both horizontally and vertically. The Vibration Reduction feature reduces image blur and high-end grip design allows you to get closer to the objects. The camera also features 16 scene modes that you can select according to the situation. Or, you can leave the hard work to the Auto Scene mode as well.

The camera is also very simple to use. Its shape and size give you the feeling that you are using a DSLR.

The only downside of the camera is the inability to adjust the shutter speed manually. However, it is still bang for the bucks. It offers very high resolution and excellent image quality for a negligible price.

  • Very cheap camera
  • 20.2MP CCD sensor
  • 56x optical zoom
  • Bright and sharp images
  • 99% frame coverage
  • High-end easy grip design
  • 16 scene modes
  • Excellent Auto mode
  • Simple to use
  • Can’t adjust the shutter speed manually

6.    Kodak 16 Friendly Zoom Fz152: Best Point and Shoot Camera under 100

best point and shoot camera under 500

Kodak 16 Friendly Zoom deserves a place on our list for its amazing set of features and incredibly low price.

To begin with, it has 16 megapixels sensor that offers a lot of details. The image quality is quite good which you can further enhance in post-production. Similarly, the 24mm wide-angle lens helps you capture a wide field of view, making it easier for you to put all your friends in a single frame. The 180° panorama view also means nothing is too big for this camera.

The 3-inch LCD shows you the actual scene that you want to capture. The camera also offers an extremely high dynamic range, enabling you to easily mix lights and darks to create a stunning photo by bringing out the finest of details.

The camera only has 15x optical zoom but it is more than enough for everyday use. It still lets you get reasonably close to the action to capture a great image. On top of that, the built-in optical image stabilization keeps the camera steady when things get a little shaky.

  • Very cheap camera
  • 16MP sensor
  • 15x optical zoom
  • 180° panorama view
  • 24mm wide-angle lens
  • 3-inch LCD
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Built-in optical image stabilization
  • Low battery life

7.    Canon PowerShot SX740: Best Point and Shoot Digital Camera for Beginners

Canon PowerShot SX740 is an ideal camera for non-photographers and beginners alike. It is a very cheap but equally nice camera for newcomers who are just starting. Canon PowerShot line of cameras has become synonymous with point and shoot cameras. As such, PowerShot SX740 is one of the most popular cameras in the series.

The camera lets you take clear, sharp, and crisp images because of its amazing 40x optical zoom and superb image stabilization. The 40x zoom also enables you to capture faraway objects with the utmost ease. However, you can extend the zoom to 80x using the Zoom Plus mode. Similarly, the 24mm wide-angle lens helps you capture the widest of scenes and create captivating landscape photos.

One of the best features of the camera is Framing Assist that enables you to find the subject in the frame besides achieving the best composition for the image. This is awesome for capturing fast moving objects such as animals, birds, cars, airplanes, and children.

Some of the other notable features of the camera are 4K video and 4K time-lapse movie, DIGIC 8 image processor, 3-inch touchscreen, and built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The continuous shooting speed of 7.4 fps is also quite impressive for this cheap camera. However, it lacks an electronic viewfinder and has some issues with autofocus as well.

The 20.3 megapixel camera also has a Feature Assistant mode that explains all the features of this handy little camera.  

In general, Canon PowerShot SX740 is a great camera for every person who is new to photography or just wants a camera for casual use. It delivers everything you need such as good image quality, image stabilization, 4K video, and built-in Wi-Fi for a very small price.

  • Superb image stabilization
  • 20.3MP CMOS sensor
  • 4K video and 4K time lapse
  • 7.4 fps continuous shooting speed
  • Framing Assist
  • Feature Assist
  • 80x optical zoom
  • No electronic viewfinder

8.    Olympus Tough TG-6 Waterproof Camera: Best Point and Shoot Camera under 500 for Travel

Olympus Tough TG-6 is a worthy successor of the hugely popular Tough TG-5. Despite being a great camera, TG-5 had some problems which Olympus has taken care of in TG-6.

TG-6 comes with an anti-reflective coated sensor and a 3-inch LCD. The screen offers great visibility under bright light besides enhancing your focus. Th camera has a sturdy yet attractive body. You can choose from black or red finishes depending on your taste. Similarly, it is a very tough as well as dust and waterproof camera, perfect for outdoors and travel photographers.

The camera seemingly has a small 12 megapixel backlit sensor. However, it dest no adversely affect the image quality. The low megapixel count produces better photos under low light. That is why it is also a great camera for underwater shooting. Similarly, the underwater microscope mode in combination with a brilliant flashlight can further illuminate the scene.

However, TG-6 also captures stunning images in clear conditions thanks to the 100-12,800 ISO range and 4.5-18mm wide-angle lens with a maximum aperture of f/2. The small sensor does result in some chromatic noise but you can easily recover the details by shooting in RAW.

TG-6 also has fantastic image stabilization both for images and videos. The images have vibrant colors while you can also shoot high definition 1080P videos at 120fps.

Olympus Tough TG-6 is the best point and shoot camera under 500 for beginner vloggers and newcomers for its simplicity and intuitive functions. It has a sturdy built quality and the image quality is not that bad either.

  • Sturdy design
  • Dust and waterproof
  • Great low light performance
  • Offers RAW images and 4K resolution
  • Fantastic image stabilization
  • Best for underwater shooting
  • 3-inch LCD
  • Small sensor
  • No live viewfinder

9.    Canon PowerShot SX540: The Best Compact Camera under 500

Canon PowerShot SX540 is yet another good camera under 500 dollars by Canon. It is also a compact point and shoot that feels and performs like a DSLR. It is one of the most affordable yet equally reliable cameras on the market as well. What impresses the users most are its amazing image quality, excellent image stabilization, speed, and a host of other features besides a $400 price tag.

The image quality is stunning thanks to the large 20.3 megapixels CMOS sensor. Similarly, the DIGIC 6 image processor ensures low noise and incredibly high speed even in low light conditions.

You can get pretty close to the action using the whopping 50x optical zoom. The superb optical image stabilization eliminates camera shakes and reduces distortion in the images even at longer focal lengths. On top of that, the camera has many intelligent IS modes such as Dynamic, Tripod, Power, Hybrid, Normal, and Panning. The camera automatically applies these IS modes depending on the situation, always keeping your image steady.

The camera also records High Definition 1080P videos. The added advantage of SX540 is that it also records stereo sounds. You can record videos up to 4 seconds before every image using the Hybrid Auto mode. It is a breeze to perfectly frame your shot using the large 3-inch LCD. Not to mention, the built-in Wi-Fi and NFC make it very easy to share your images and videos.

Canon SX540 is a lightweight and compact camera that offers amazing image performance. It is a versatile camera that can meet most of your photography needs without emptying your pocket.

  • Very affordable camera
  • Lightweight and compact
  • excellent auto IS modes
  • 50x optical zoom
  • DIGIC 6 image processor
  • Large 20.3MP CMOS sensor
  • Full HD 1080P video
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC
  • Buttons are a bit clunky

10. Sony RX100 Premium Compact Camera: Best Compact Camera on the Market

Sony RX100 is very popular among professional photographers and enthusiasts. They normally prefer this camera over others when it is impractical to carry larger professional cameras or setups. Some experts even consider it as the best compact camera in the world right now. It is also a durable and lightweight camera that delivers impressive image and video quality and that too under $500.

The camera offers excellent low light performance up to 6400 thanks to the 20.2 megapixel Exmor sensor. These sensors have especially been designed to capture more light. Besides, Sony RX100 helps you create spectacular images using the brilliant Carl Zeiss lens.

The optical zoom of 3.6x is on the lower side in our opinion. However. It enables you to develop defocused backgrounds that can give tough competition to that of any professional-level camera. Similarly, the excellent steady-shot image stabilization minimizes image blurs as well.

You can record superb high definition 1080P videos at 60fps.

The best feature of the camera is the control ring that allows you to adjust focus and aperture settings manually on the go. The camera is also very reliable and fast and can capture RAW images with unimaginable realism. The 20.2 megapixel sensor can take full-resolution photos at 10fps.

Sony RX100 is the best point and shoot camera under 500 without any doubt. It offers terrific image, video, and low light performance. It is durable, lightweight, and very easy to handle. All these features make it a top choice for both novices and professionals alike.

  • 20.2MP Exmor sensor
  • Excellent low light performance
  • Brilliant image stabilization
  • High definition 1080P video
  • Manually adjust focus and aperture settings
  • Carl Zeiss lens with 3.6X zoom
  • Several photography modes
  • Zoom is too low

How to Buy the Best Point and Shoot Camera under 500 Dollars?

The latest point and shoot cameras offer a lot of advanced features despite having compact and lightweight bodies. Therefore, you need to consider plenty of things when you decide to shop one.


The first consideration is always the megapixels for most people. However, it is the size of the sensor, not the megapixel count that matters. You must check how big the sensor is before buying a camera because it determines how clear your photos will be. Most cameras in our list have large sensors and don’t cost you a fortune as well.


Digital cameras either have optical or digital zoom or both in some cases. Optical zoom offers better image quality but a short zoom range. Digital zoom has greater magnification but the comparatively low image quality. Therefore, you must go for a camera with optical zoom if you primarily use zoom lenses.

Camera Modes

The best camera under 500 will always have multiple camera modes. Your point and shoot camera should be able to apply different modes automatically depending on the situation. Camera modes not only enhance your shooting speed but also make your work easier.


LCDs have become an integral part of most cameras, both basic and advanced. A camera with a 3-inch LCD enables you to better analyze the scene and frame the shot.


Finally, you also need to look for cameras with long battery life. Most point and shoot cameras come with their own rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. These batteries keep your camera alive for hours. Similarly, you can also insert AA batteries in some cameras if you cannot find a power outlet for charging lithium batteries.

Final Thoughts

With this, we conclude our guide to the best point and shoot camera under $500 2021. Point and shoots are compact and lightweight and more importantly, affordable cameras. They can help new as well as casual photographers learn the tricks of the trade besides delivering excellent image quality without costing them a fortune.

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