How To Improve GoPro Hero 10 Battery Life

How To Improve GoPro Hero 10 Battery Life?

So, you have bought your brand new GoPro Hero 10 camera. It has everything action lovers can hope for ranging from a sturdy waterproof body to excellent video and image qualities. One area where the camera struggles is its short battery life. It can be quite frustrating, especially when you are on the go. You need not worry because we are going to explain how to improve GoPro Hero 10 battery life.

GoPro Hero 10 is the best action camera in the world without any doubt. But – action cameras have notoriously short battery life and Hero10 is no exception. You just don’t want your camera to shut down when you are in the middle of recording an awesome adventure video.

Therefore, a lot of people are asking how to enhance Hero 10’s battery life and that is what prompted me to write this article. It contains everything related to GoPro 10 battery including its total life, charging time, type of battery, and other important information.

How Long Does GoPro Hero 10 Battery Last?

You can record 2 hours of video with GoPro Hero 10 battery in the ideal world. However, its battery life depends on the photography mode you are using just like all other GoPro cameras. Hero 10 allows you to record in many different fps and shooting modes. Therefore, we must mention how much battery each of these use.

 The following table shows the approximate battery time for different modes in the GoPro Hero 10.

Mode of Recording/FPSApproximate Battery Time
1080p/30fps120 minutes
1080p/60fps90 minutes
4K/30fps76 minutes
2.7K/60fps75 minutes
5.3K/30fps74 minutes
1080p/120fps64 minutes
5K/30fps64 minutes
2.7K/120fps60 minutes
1080p/240fps48 minutes
5.3K/60fps47 minutes
2.7K/240fps44 minutes
4K/120fps36 minutes

Types of Batteries Used by GoPro Hero 10

Both GoPro Hero 9 and GoPro Hero 10 come with a 1720mAh lithium battery. Called GoPro Enduro and designed by GoPro itself, it is a rechargeable battery that takes 3 hours to fully charge. GoPro Hero 10 battery charging time is a bit longer than comparable cameras.

 It is an excellent battery and delivers exceptional performance in all weather conditions. It is particularly great for cold weather up -10°C or 14°F.

Factors Affecting GoPro Hero 10 Battery Life

GoPro Hero 10 is a fantastic action camera. Unfortunately, it has one big flaw that is everything you do with the camera affects its battery life. It is not a good thing and rightfully, not many users are happy with it.

With everything, I mean every feature of the camera such as low light ability, wireless connections, HyperSmooth 4.0 image stabilization (83 minutes), dual screens, screen brightness, etc. Not to mention, all the recording modes mentioned above also have an impact on the battery life.

How to Improve Hero 10 Black Battery Life?

You can easily extend the battery life of GoPro Hero 10 if you understand the factors affecting it and how to handle them.

The following are some tips to enhance the camera’s battery life besides protecting it from elements.

Recording Modes

GoPro Hero 10 has a lot of recording modes, making it a wonderful action camera. However, recording at higher modes such as 5K/60fps will noticeably reduce the battery life. In my personal experience, the best mode to shoot videos is 4K. It has almost the same video quality as 5K but also offers the most battery life.

Turn Off Wireless Connections

You can considerably extend the battery life by turning off your wireless connections such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can have 10-15 additional minutes of shooting if you turn off these two features. Try to be careful because it is very easy to press the Wi-Fi button on the side while recording. You can turn on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth after recording to share your files.

Use Image Stabilization only when Required

You don’t always need to use image stabilization. Hero 10 comes with excellent HyperSmooth 4.0 image stabilization but keeping it on will significantly reduce the battery life. Using image stabilization all the time can also inflict irreparable damage to the battery. Therefore, only use image stabilization for snowboarding, snorkeling, skiing, paragliding, or other real action activities.

Turn Off Dual Screens

Having a dual screen camera is always cool and extremely useful. But – it is also the biggest reason for low battery time just like all the cameras with screens. A couple of screens will drain the battery even faster. What you can do is to use only one screen at a time and turn off the other. You don’t have to use both screens simultaneously. Similarly, keep the brightness of the screen as low as possible.

Use Low Light Feature only when Necessary

Just like image stabilization, you should use the camera’s low light feature only when necessary. It is one of the best features of Hero 10 in my opinion. However, battery life drops quite quickly when you use this mode. You should use it in low light conditions only such as when shooting underwater.

Don’t Use the Smart App and the Remote

GoPro Hero 10 does have a remote control but is quite difficult to use. Secondly, it reduces the battery life by up to 20%. We suggest dumping the remote and using a selfie stick instead. Using GoPro’s mobile app can also take a lot of toll on the battery. Therefore, it is better to shoot only with the camera.

Turn off Red Indicator Light

The camera has a red indicator light that keeps on blinking when you record a video. It is not only distracting but also consumes some power. Its purpose is to let you know that the camera is recording. However, you will learn with experience whether or not the camera is recording without taking any help from the indicator light. It doesn’t drain the battery as much as other factors but every detail helps when you are trying to improve GoPro Hero 10 battery life.

Keep the Camera Turned off when not in Use

It is quite obvious but most people forget to turn off the camera once the shooting is complete. It does not cost you a lot of battery when the camera is turned on but not shooting anything. However, it is better to switch off the camera when you don’t need it to save the battery. You can use the Quick Capture feature when you suddenly have to record something.

Auto Power off Setting

If you are a forgetful person and always forget to turn off the camera after shooting, the “Auto Power Off” setting can come to your rescue. It is quite easy to activate the setting as well. Go to the camera’s Setting and click the button 13 times. It will allow you to select the time that the camera remains turned on before switching off automatically. The options include 60, 120, and 300 seconds.

Keep Extra Batteries with You

Finally, it is always helpful to keep extra batteries with you regardless of which camera you are using. It is the easiest way to enhance the battery of any camera. You can also buy cheap but powerful batteries for GoPro Hero 10 from third-party vendors.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned are the most common steps you can take to extend the GoPro Hero 10 battery life. GoPro Hero 10 is the most sought-after action camera at the moment. It never disappoints you when it comes to beautiful action videography. If you implement these tips, you can no longer complain about its low battery life as well.

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