How To Attach Canon Camera Strap

How To Attach Canon Camera Strap The Right Way?

The camera strap seems insignificant at first but it is an important accessory for your camera. It keeps your camera from slipping, falling, and subsequently, shattering into pieces. However, most newbies don’t know how to attach Canon camera strap and that is what we are going to explain in this article.

Cameras are quite expensive and you don’t want your camera to explode just because of your negligence. They can also become quite heavy when you also use a flash and lens. The camera would give way at some point because it is unable to hold such a weight on its own. Therefore, you must learn how to attach a canon camera strap if you don’t want to lose it forever.

Steps to Attach Canon Camera Strap the Right Way

It is a breeze to attach a strap to any camera. It only involves a few steps which are as below. We strongly recommend going through these steps if you want to keep your camera safe while in use.

Step 1: All cameras including Canon cameras feature a plastic buckle. It has two stripes for the strap to pass through. Always ensure that the buckle faces upwards.

Step 2: Cameras also have a metal ring known as D-rings on each side. The plastic strap should pass through the ring while moving from outside towards the camera.

Step 3: Now, pass the strap through the plastic fastener and pull it upwards.

Step 4: Now create a slack by pulling the strap from the top of the buckle.

Step 5: Feed the loose end of the strap towards the inside of the loop from the top buckle hole.

Step 6: Now feed the strap from the inside of the loop through the bottom hole.

Step 7: Now pull the loose strap down in such a way that it is right between the other two parts of the strap.

Step 8: Tighten the slack in the buckle by pulling the main part of the strap up.

Step 9: Pull the fastener up towards the buckle. It will further tighten the strap and eliminate the chances of camera slips.

Step 10: Tighten the strap on the other end by repeating the same process.

Final Thoughts

That’s all folks. You have learned how to attach strap to canon camera securely. Now you can safely fasten your camera and take breathtaking pictures with a peace of mind.

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