How to Check Shutter Count on Sony A7III

How to Check Shutter Count on Sony A7III?

Among many things that affect the quality of your photos is the shutter count. You can align and refine poorly or improperly taken photos if you know how many images you shutter can take. Therefore, in this article, we are going to explain how to check shutter count on Sony a7III. However, the process is almost the same for most Sony cameras.

What is a Shutter Count?

In simple words, the shutter count is how long a shutter can last or how many shots it can take. For most entry level cameras, it is about 150000 images. Professional cameras have a shutter count of approximately 300000. However, rated life is just a number and most shutters last well beyond it.

In some cases, the shutter can fail prematurely. These include stuck rear curtain or damage to shutter or any other part of the camera.

How to Check Shutter Count of Sony a7III?

The shutter count of Sony a7III is 200000 on average. There are a few different ways to check Sony shutter count such as online tools or using the camera’s built in feature.

Online Tools

Many third-party websites such as allow you to easily check Sony a7III shutter count. However, you must ensure your camera or RAW files are compatible with these websites. If not, you may have difficulty using them or they would provide the wrong count.

The process of checking shutter count on these website is simple.

  • Take a RAW or JPEG image with your Sony a7III
  • Upload the unedited image on or any website of your choice
  • Click OK to find the shutter count

Only upload unedited image otherwise you will get the wrong results.

Sony a7III’s Built-in Feature

You can use the built-in feature of Sony alpha cameras including Sony a7III to check their shutter count. It only involves a few steps that are as below.

  • Turn on your camera
  • Go to the Menu
  • Search and tap Info on the top right screen
  • Now open Camera Settings and then Shutter Count
  • Here, you will find your camera’s shutter count
  • You can also reset, clear, or save you settings

How many Shutter Counts a Sony Camera can Store?

Depending on the memory, Sony a7 cameras can store unlimited number of shutter counts. You can use different methods to increase the memory and store more shutter counts.

The three most common ways to accomplish this task are:

  • Connect an external memory device if the built-in storage is running out. You can transfer some of the images from your SD card to a USB, computer, or smartphone.
  • You can also completely remove or turn off the Shutter Count feature.
  • You should also buy more memory cards if you take a lot of photos with Sony a7III. It will offer you plenty of storage space without ever running out of it.

How to Solve Sony A7III Shutter Actuation Problem

Sometimes, your camera’s shutter count stops working. You can try different methods to solve the problem on Sony a7III.

Check the Battery

Most often, a defective battery can result in stoppage of shutter count. Replace the battery with your spare battery and check if the problem has been resolved. It the issue persists, buy a new battery for your camera.

Check for Debris in Your Camera

Debris can accumulate in your camera over time. Check for anything that may be causing the problem. Thoroughly clean your camera using a tissue paper or cloth.

Use some Lubricant

A stuck shutter can also make shutter count to stop. You can use some lubricant to fix the shutter.

Change the Lens if Shutter Count is Up

You should change the lens if the Sony shutter count life has expired. Buying a new lens for Sony a7III means you get additional 200000 shots. Or, you can just buy a new camera. It is an expensive solution but nothing matches a brand new camera.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is shutter count on a camera?

The shutter count means how many images your camera can take. Entry level cameras has a maximum shutter count of 150000 whereas professional cameras has up to 300000 shutter count. Sony a7III can take up to 200000 photos.

What does high shutter count mean?

You camera has less time to operate properly if it has a high shutter count. Keep in mind that different cameras have different life expectancy just like everything else.

How many shutter count is too much?

The maximum or ideal shutter count you should look for in a new camera is 200000. For second hand cameras, it should be something from 50000 to 60000 but fewer the better.

Can shutter be replaced?

All the shutters are destined to fail or expire eventually. However, it is quite affordable to replace the shutter. It will generally cost you from $200 to $300.

Final Thoughts

Well, this is how to check shutter count on Sony a7III. Knowing the shutter count of your camera can greatly affect the overall quality of your photos. It will also let you know whether it is time to replace the lens or buy a new camera altogether.

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