how to use ps4 camera on pc

How To Use PS4 Camera On PC

Do you want to stream your PS4 games on Twitch or chat with your friends while playing? The PS4 camera along with a compatible webcam allows you to not only do the above but also make the console recognize your face. All you need to do is to connect your PS4 camera to your PC and you are good to go. But – not many people know how to use PS4 camera on PC and that is why we have written this guide.

In this article, we will explain the following for you.
What is a PS4 camera?
Does the PS4 Camera work on PC?
How to use PS4 camera on Windows 10?
How to Stream PS4 using PS4 Camera on PC?

What is a PS4 Camera?

The PS4 camera is not a single camera but a combination of two cameras, each with a resolution of 720P HD or 1200 x 800P. Both cameras can individually operate in different modes depending upon the requirements of the game or the application. The lenses have a minimum focusing distance of 30cm and an aperture of f/2.0. The cameras also have an 85° field of view.

The PS4 camera is one of the accessories for PS4. Released in 2013, it is the upgraded version of the PS3 camera, known as PlayStation Eye. The main purpose of the camera is to detect motion and track PS VR headsets.

The camera considerably reduces the background noise thanks to the four channel microphone array. You can also give voice commands to the camera. Similarly, it is capable of recording in YUV and RAW formats besides having a specific port to connect to the PS4.

Does the PS4 Camera work on PC?

Yes, the PS4 camera works on a PC. You just need to implement the instructions given under the following heading to connect your camera to your PC.

Step by Step Guide for Using PlayStation 4 Camera on PC

Just follow these 7 simple steps to set up the PS4 camera on your PC. Everything is pretty self-explanatory and easy to implement.

Find USB 3.0 Port on PC

Arrange a USB 3.0 adapter and simply connect to USB 3.0 ports on your PS4 camera and PC. Please note that you require a USB 3.0 port for the PS4 camera. It is not compatible with USB 2.0.

Find Device Manager on Start Menu

The next step is to click the Windows Start Menu on the bottom right of your screen. Now, type “Device Manager” and click on it. You can also find Device Manager directly in the Control Panel.

Go to Other Devices and then look out for USB Boot. Subsequently, create a new folder at your desired location and rename it accordingly. For example, you can call it Drivers for PS4 Camera.

Download Installation Files for the PS4 Camera

It is necessary to download relevant installation files to use PlayStation camera as webcam. The two most common installation files for the PS4 camera are libusbK and ObrisEyeCam USB_Boot Driver. The former file allows you to have your own package. However, we recommend going for the later one.

Needless to say, you must download the X64 bit form if you have an X64bit Windows or X86 bit form if you have an X32bit Windows.

Download PS4 Camera Drivers

Now, you also have to download PS4 camera drivers for it to work on PC. Unzip the drivers and install them in the folder you have just created.

Load Firmware

Once you have set up the OrbisEyeCam, you can find its firmware exe at OrbisisEyeCam-master/bin folder). The exe would look something like OrbisEyeCameraFirmwareLoader.exe. Simply load the firmware and your camera would be off to running on PS4.

Search for PS4 Camera in the Device Manager

If you have installed everything correctly, the PS4 camera should appear under the Cameras section under Device Manager.

Test the Camera

You can use the Windows 10 camera app to test the PS4 camera or any app that uses a webcam within Windows.

How to use PS4 camera on Windows 10?

You would use the PS4 camera on the Windows 10 just like any other Windows app. You will find the camera in Start Menu among other apps. Sometimes the PC will also prompt “Allow to use Camera” which you simply have to accept.

How to Stream PS4 using PS4 Camera on PC?

You cannot only use PlayStation Camera as a webcam but also use it to for live streaming and broadcasting of PS4 games and applications. It is also very easy to accomplish this task as you just have to follow the instructions below.

Download PS4 Remote Play App

The PS4 camera for streaming requires you to download the PS4 Remote Play App for PC.  Now, simply set up the remote play app as you would install any other app on Windows.

Also Download SHAREfactory Application

The next step is to download the SHAREfactory application directly on PS4. Once you have downloaded the application, go to Videos and then Start a New Project.

Set Up the “Track” on SHAREfactory Application

After starting the new project, press the X button on the PS4 controller. Now, find the “Track” option and wait for the camera to pop up. From here, you can change all kinds of settings you want.

Configure SHARE factory Application

Moving back to SHAREfactory’s home page, open a new source by clicking plus. Now, click Add Source on Window Capture and rename the source to anything you want.

Switch to PS4 Remote Play

Now, you can see the PlayStation’s screen. Just click on the first drop-down menu and click on the PS4 Remote Play to switch to the PS4 Remote Play app.

Please note that the camera won’t appear if you keep the Window Capture under the Remote Play in the streaming setup. Therefore, always keep Remote Play above the Display capture.

Video Tutorial for How to Use PlayStation Camera on PC?

The following is a video tutorial by Hackinside on using the PS4 camera on a PC.

Final Thoughts

We have tried to explain how to use PS4 camera on PC as simply as possible. However, you are free to drop a comment below if you face any problems or have any queries. The video above would also help you a lot because it explains everything in great detail.

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