Where are Canon cameras made

Where are Canon Cameras Made?

Canon is one of the largest camera manufacturers in the world. Every other photographer uses a Canon camera. It is also a favorite brand of some popular YouTubers and vloggers. But – do you know where are Canon cameras made. Canon is a Japanese company and most of its production takes place in its main facility located in the city of Oita.

What Models are made in Oita’s Facility?

Oita factory makes some of the most popular Canon models such as Canon EOS 6D, EOS 7D, and EOS 5D Mark III and Mark IV. In fact, most of the Canon EOS DSLRs are manufactured in this facility.

The factory also manufactures camcorders from Legria and XF series. Similarly, it makes all the EF lenses as well. However, a lot more happens at Oita than manufacturing. For example, it performs a lot of experiments and research to improve the quality of Canon’s products.

Canon experiments on more expensive or newer cameras at this place. Similarly, the company tests its prototypes at this facility before starting manufacturing. All the new ideas are also born here.

In simple words, Canon makes all of its high-end cameras such as EOS R mirrorless and EOS DSLR cameras as well as lenses in Japan. It is to ensure the high standards the company has been maintaining since 1937.

Where are Canon Cameras Manufactured other than Japan?

As mentioned above, made in Japan cameras are comparatively expensive and appeal mostly to Japanese, European, and American markets. However, Canon also makes some models in other countries such as China and Taiwan.

You may notice that Canon cameras available in Asian countries have made in China tag. You need not worry if that is the case because your camera is perfectly genuine. However, Canon manufactures all of its high-end or top-notch cameras in Japan. Cameras made in China or Taiwan cater to the needs of people on a budget.

Apart from Japan, China, and Taiwan, Canon also makes cameras in sever other Asian countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, the Philippines, India, and Hong Kong.

How much Time a Canon Camera Takes to Assemble?

A camera does not take much time to assemble. For example, you only need 40 minutes to fully assemble Canon EOS DSLRs such as EOS 6D including testing and packing. The more surprising thing is that testing takes more time than packing and assembling combined. Each camera goes through multiple checks and tests during these 40 minutes.

Canon eliminates all chances of mistakes. They only send the most effective and the best cameras to the market while being efficient at the same time.

Final Thoughts

Now, you have a pretty good idea of where are Canon cameras made. As a reminder, Canon makes most of its high-end and expensive cameras in its Oita Facility in Japan. The more affordable and midrange cameras are made in other Asian countries.

Once again, you should not worry if your Canon camera is not made in Japan. Facilities in China, Taiwan, Singapore, etc use camera parts from Japan. The quality of cameras is the same as those made in Japan. They are just cheaper or inexpensive modes.

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